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Important Health & Safety Information for your Stay


Please take extra care in bathrooms. Most do not have non-slip mats for baths and showers. Usually they will have tiled floors. Please be extra careful when stepping out of the bath or shower 

Glass Safety
Glass and patio doors are in abundance in Mediterranean resorts. When the sun is shining it can be difficult to see if a door or patio is open or closed. Glass fitted is not necessarily safety glass. 

Electrical Appliances

Do not touch any electrical appliances with wet hands or when wearing wet clothing. Please report any electrical faults as soon as possible. 

Tiled Floors
Most accommodations in Spain have tiled floors. When wet they become very slippery. Do not walk on marble or tiled floors with wet feet and discourage children from running around on them. 

Fire Safety

Upon arrival familiarise yourself with your accommodation. In the event of a fire, remain calm and exit your accommodation via the nearest exit. Do not stop to collect any items. 

Children’s Safety
Please be extra vigilant with your children whilst on holiday. It is easy to sometimes allow children that extra freedom, but there are always new surroundings and dangers. 
80% of swimming pool accidents involving children occur within 15 minutes of arrival at the property!! Never leave your children unattended especially around the swimming pools, near balconies or play grounds. When you are sitting in a bar or watching any entertainment, ensure that you can see your children and that they are not talking to strangers. Do not let children play with any animals.

It is better that you do not feed or play with any animals, domestic or wild. If you or your children should get scratched or bitten, seek medical attention immediately and always report any such incident to your insurance company.

Insects and Pests
Ants are frequent visitors to most properties in Spain, particularly as most of our properties are surrounded by gardens. Locally bought ant sprays and powders are a good repellent, but it also helps to keep crumbs to a minimum. Keep sugar and sweet things in sealed containers, preferably in the fridge.

As most of our villas are surrounded by gardens, field mice and fruit rats are also common. These can be kept out of the house by keeping food out of temptation’s way. Mosquitoes should be kept at bay by a good repellent (available in UK chemists and supermarkets and chemists in Spain) - please don’t splatter them against the wall. 

Cots and High Chairs
Cots and high chairs should be free from any sharp edges. Check that all vertical bars on the cot are not more than 10cm apart. Make sure that the mattress fits snugly to the base. The adjustable sides should be high enough so infants cannot climb over them. High chairs should be of a sturdy construction and clean and also have a safety harness attached to the chair. 

Please do not leave your children unattended on balconies. Keep all balcony furniture well away from railings, so as not to encourage them to climb.  Villas described as child friendly are generally free from steep steps or unprotected drops, but you must be vigilant in watching your children at all times. 

Tap Water
It is not recommended to drink the tap water or use it in the kettle. For this reason we do recommend drinking bottled water, which can be purchased from supermarkets in anything from 1 litre to 5 litre bottles.

Swimming Pools
A Pool Attendant usually comes once or twice a week to clean the Pool and adjust the chemicals for the treatment of the water when necessary. Please notify either the Pool attendant or us immediately if you notice the water becoming murky or green. Please ensure that you shower before entering the pool and do not allow anything other than toys and flotation devices in the pool.  You are responsible for the safety of yourself and your family during your holiday. Make certain you know the depths of the pool where you are swimming. Unless you are a confident swimmer do not swim out of your depth.

  • Do not dive.
  • Do not run around the pool, as the surround could be slippery
  • Children should be supervised when in the pool area
  • Avoid taking glass and china into or close to the pool
  • Avoid swimming in the pool if you have been drinking. Wait at least one hour after eating a meal before going swimming
  • Do not tamper with the filters/skimmers and do not enter the pump room

Spain still has a low crime rate due mainly to its honest, local population. However it would be as well to take a few simple precautions. Keep your valuables in a safe place, preferably on you, and keep your credit cards and cheques separately. Please also make sure that you keep the villa completely locked when you are out, and use all security features available. 

Illnesses on holiday are quite common, in particular stomach upsets and ear infections which can be caused from swimming and eating unusual food or from tap water or ice in restaurants.  Please ensure that if any member of your party becomes unwell, you seek immediate medical attention.  We will provide you with contact details for English speaking doctors and hospitals prior to your arrival.  If you require any help during your stay, please contact us and we would be happy to help you find the best help available.    It is advisable that you complete an E1-11 form from your local post office for each member of your party, so you can utilise the Spanish Healthcare system free of charge.  We also require all travellers to purchase travel insurance.

If you have questions that are not answered on our information pages please contact us


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